Sunday, 25 March 2012

History of Salou

Salou is a coastal city place in Spain, which is visited by many tourists the complete year round. The hotels in salou are of various sizes and provide you with various interesting and fun facilities. It provides the tourist with high-class services to be able to satisfy all their curiosity and wish for fun.


Salou has had an exceptionally rich history throughout the years. The ancient Greeks used it for a dock during the olden times. Following on from that, the Romans used it being a base to conquer other places from. On the darker aspect of history, Salou once called pirates its master precisely as it was a very popular base to deal with. During this time, people were warned to avoid Salou due to the danger of being captured and robbed through the gangs of pirates. Then as being the knowledge of the city and the area improved, the bases in the pirates were discovered and the army finally put them away. But the battle cost various pirates their lives, as it did most of the army.

Then the railway stations started to be built and eventually reached to help Salou and all its historical past. Hotels in salou started to sprout and therefore after a century, the place that is termed Salou has now transtourist spot.

Themes and Surroundings

The attractive thing about hotels in salou is that theme of the hotel and the direction they are designed are fits perfectly with the natural surroundings. The themes in which the hotels are designed are informal in company having its destination as a tourist spot and the themes reflect the culture of many European countries. There are beautiful paintings and art specimens inside the hotels. The placement of the art in the quality hotels is done in a way that it gives an attractive look and feel, and you can look at beautiful natural scenes simply by sitting in these hotels..

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