Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Evolution of Anekdota

As the name indicates an Anekdota is defined as the short and interesting story that's the ability of drawing the attention and interest of the audience towards itself. Sometimes this is related to any real incident that can have happened to any person and the he or she directly narrates his or her experience. However in other instances, it may also be a supposed narration that's created just with the aim of amusing the listener. No matter what is the way of narrating and originating of the anecdote or joke, the thing which matters is that an Anekdota is always ended up with some non-serious note and is usually aimed at making its audience members laugh and bemused.

The real art is based on narrating of the anecdote. It is necessary that the narration of even a fake anecdote should be such as it seems to have happened in real. Usually not necessarily made long. This is since when an anecdote is prolonged, the listener starts losing involvement in that.Therefore the real art lie in making crisp and brief. Another important thing is that an anecdote is also narrated with reference to some identifiable place and persons also if possible.

Another form of Anekdota is that which is not meant to help make others laugh. But sometimes the reason for such anecdotes is to give a food for thought by pointing towards a specific truth of society or any harsh reality of life. The primary purpose of such jokes and anecdotes is not to evoke laughter but to produce people think over the outlined problem. These kinds of jokes include a truth in themselves which is reasonably general and can be believed. Sometimes such jokes also delineate almost any specific character or trait which gives an insight of any other reality prevailing in the society.

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