Sunday, 4 March 2012

Biometric technology boon to securing valuables.

With the advent of new technology it is not an unsafe world anymore. You can find so many technologies that feature providing safes and vaults for storing valuables or firearms but biometric technology is the new emerging technology which supplies better security. A biometric gun safe can be a container which can store guns and ammunition and prevents unauthorised connection. Biometric technology involves voice recognition, DNA authorisation, iris identification, full hand print identifications along with the much popular of them just about all, the finger print authorisation. But finger print identification is the popular of them all considering it’s cheaper than other techniques.

Once installed, all the identification data of all the authorized people who can access the safe, is fed in the system. For finger print biometric safe, one needs to store the finger prints skin color users who can access this valuables or firearms. The biometric gun safe then converts this data into a code or graph, which will further be used for identification. The biometric system has emerged as safer technology than other technologies since it does not save the data to image and code the details instead, which makes it more secure. The components of a biometric system are software, computer and some sort of sensor.

The computer stores the id information and reads it as well during the time of identification. And the data stored by way of the computer is first coded by the software so that it can be read by this computer. The sensor scans the information entered in the system. It detects the finger printing or voice or iris and compares the entered data along with the existing coded data. The biometric gun vault is a much secure way of storing firearms and ammunition which uses advanced biometric technology. And being affordable it’s betting pouplar while using the masses.

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