Monday, 13 February 2012

A wonder of our age - the iPhone 4S

The latest iPhone 4S from Apple is truly an intelligent product with multiple applications for almost all needs involving life. This phone is utterly touch sensitive and built along a sleek and impressive design so much that even holding this phone can be a convenience. Not only will it look good but it surely has a terrific engine beneath its hood too and this is the crux of the complete matter.

Beneath it's hood

This iPhone 4S is powered by a dual core A5 chip that is capable of extreme speeds when posed with multitasking different applications on this phone. This dual core enables quality of vision on its retina display. This name is inclined to its specialised display panel for the reason that human eye cannot identify individual pixels on its screen making it capable of crystal images quite like human vision. Texts in smallish font sizes are generally visible clearly which has no blur and it can also be zoomed out to a large extent.

The iPhone 4S offers of superior performance due to the A5 chip that allows graphics to get displayed seven times faster than many other phones. This allows the avid gamer to play a great unhindered game using heavy effects endowed on his performance, making it a much better simulation than many other handheld devices. This chip enables somebody to save on power requirements as this doesn't take up too much of battery power to remain many applications running at the same time.

Other features

Other features of this iphone include SIRI the industry technology for voice input to the iPhone 4S. Its name is an anagram for this company which founded the idea namely SRI International this also software allows somebody to use words input for several commands like setting reminders, send messages, call a contact and do many other stuff.

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